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Manchester City 8 million signing bonus dig commander Paris Royal Star will bid farewell to the national team

"The Sun" Screenshots 2014 has not officially kick off the World Cup, Manchester City chiefs Yaya - Toure has been in the plan after the World Cup. According to the English "Daily Mirror" reported that Ivorian midfielder said it would consider whether to quit the national team after the World Cup. So far, the Manchester City midfielder Uranus has played 82 times for the national team of Côte d'Ivoire, including the 2010 FIFA World Cup and African Cup of Nations multi-session. If Yaya - Toure in 2014 Brazil World Cup exit after the Ivorian national team, then this is a great news for Manchester City. Because the next African Nations Cup tournament will be conducted in the winter of next year .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League kids soccer kits 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. As we all know, around Christmas is the busiest Premier League fixtures, the most critical period of time. Christmas race in good or bad record, which may directly affect the outcome of the entire season. In early 2012 and early 2013, held for the African Nations Cup twice. And Toure is twice have been recruited into the Ivory Coast, the African Nations Cup for the national team. "I will see what kind of record we have will be in the World Cup. It was a difficult decision, I want to make this decision at the right time." City commander of the tower, said, "I'm thinking about it (quit the national team) But before this happened, I have not officially make a decision. "In the national team, a small Toure is the most important player in midfield," I want a wonderful moment Jiliuyongtui People think that our generation of players always something special. So, we want to leave a record of being eulogized. "2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Ivory Coast, it may not be easy, the same group as well as Colombia, Greece and Japan. In the past two World Cups, are not kicked out of the Ivorian people's expectations. Because this time the Ivorian still have a lot of pressure to win the group. Early in 2012, the stadium will be considered in Côte d'Ivoire to quit the national team, then the effectiveness of the Ivorian he missed the Manchester City game all around key results Blue Moon eventually eliminated from the FA Cup by Manchester United in the League Cup semi-finals and lost the war Liverpool. However, in the 2012 African Cup of Nations, Ivory Coast but disappointing, they were defeated on penalties to Zambia lost the championship. Next week, Toure will be at least 31 years old, "a player like me the most important moment in the season to say goodbye to the club is a very difficult decision, it makes me feel very sad. Missed the championship would quit the national team, I .. do not do that so I have to at the right time, to opt out of the Ivorian national team I always said that if I won any honors you can bid farewell to such thoughts led me perhaps unlucky, "Yaya - Figure Manchester City midfielder commander Ray tower, France Paris Saint-Germain striker Matuyidi also for such a role. British "Sun" that in order to win the French champions Tieyao Matuyidi midfield, Manchester City are even willing to offer up to £ 8 million signing bonus. The current Manchester array, already has Yaya - Toure and Fernandez Godinho and other top midfielder. It seems, coach Manuel Pellegrini is not satisfied, he also hopes to enhance the hardness of the midfield. 26-year-old French national team Matuyidi and Paris Saint-Germain midfielder stumbling block. Last season he won the Paris to follow the French and the French Super Cup. Matuyidi European transfer market is red people, in addition to Manchester City as well as multi-branch giants are hoping to get the fierce waist.