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Premier League - Ivan Yijianfenghou cheetah pillar Chelsea 0-1 Manchester City Half

at 4:00 on February 4, 2013/2014 season ushered in 24 Premier League the focus of war, Manchester City sits at home against Chelsea. Ivanovic opened the scoring in the 32nd minute, 44 minutes Eto'o hit the post Tui, the first half ended 0-1 to Manchester City at home to Chelsea. Nearly nine times the two teams clash, Manchester City 5 draws, 3 losses slightly upper hand, but the Premier League this season, the first leg PK, Manchester City lost 1-2 away to Chelsea. 23 league Harding Park, Manchester City and Chelsea breakdown of the top and the third, is a strong contender for the Premiership title. Manchester City scored 66 goals after withering, Chelsea lost only 20 balls, collision Premiership strongest spear and shield the strongest, it is worth the wait. Manchester discharge 442 this war, Silva, Toure dual-core driver, Negredo and Dzeko partner Twin Towers, the bench Vidic, top scorer Sergio Aguero injury. Chelsea, Ramirez midfield, Eto'o strikes. The first three minutes Negredo left the restricted area small-angle strong H-door kicked in the stands, then within the first four minutes Demichelis headed a free kick in the penalty area drowned positive parts. The first six minutes Compagni Eto'o swept down by the referee verbal warning, Toure fouls Diego 1 minute Houaituoao competition. 8 minutes Kolarov cross from the left point was Terry siege before the first 10 minutes Manchester City front row kick the ball, Silva points to the side, Kolarov cross from the left point up after Toure Chanshe slower, miss. The first 12 minutes out on the right corner Navas, Negredo back header not marked strength. The first 14 minutes of Adjara sudden lateral the ball straight, slightly faster start Eto'o was blown for offside. The first 16 minutes Navas on the right inverted triangle return, Toure sudden Shi Leng Jian outside the area slightly over the bar! Within 18 minutes Toure restricted area to protect the ball back pass, Silva nearby Tui actually missed the far corner! The first 20 minutes Eto'o left face Tower. Federer, after a little adjustment kicker volley Hart Puzhu, one minute before the games to force a breakthrough Houezhaer Tower. Milicic was blocked, Louis Lord free kick the ball the plane. The first 22 minutes Navas ball, after spiking out of the way on the right angle of the penalty area and dominant left foot curve ball from the center missed the first 26 minutes Kolarov cross from the left was Landang, Silva hit volley blocked. . Chelsea counterattack 27 minutes before the first field 4 dozen 2, William ball, Ramirez Tui far corner of the penalty area on the left is resolved Hart, William barb blank range hit high .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League chelsea shirts for sale 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. Cut within the first 31 minutes Navas on the right shot was blocked, Chelsea broke the deadlock in the 32nd minute, Azar right cross, Ramirez denied nearly shot by Vincent Kompany, Ivanovic left edge of the area left foot low shot into the goal corner, 1-0! The first 33 minutes goalscorer Ivanovic booked for a foul on Silva, one minute 后科拉罗夫 cross from the left point after Navas volley hit the rebound the ball was Cech, 37 minutes Demichelis brought down from behind Azar dyed yellow. 38th minute Silva out on the left corner, Dzeko headed top side. The first 40 minutes Matic kicked Toure was booked 41 minutes Navas corner, right foot volley after stopping the chest Dzeko hit high. The first 42 minutes Kolarov uprooting Louis dyed yellow, Azar left the restricted area 44 minutes return, after the point of outflanking Tuishe Eto'o hit the post! The first half end of the game, Manchester City a goal down.